Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cheetahs not Cheaters

Wazzup with the title? haha :))
Catches attention right?

Well, both of us are really loyal to the commitments we make to our parents,
loved ones and even to our friends.

Just like for example... both of us agreed to meet at least once a week to go malling, strolling, etc for a "day off", committed as we are for our friendship we really do our best efforts and even exhaust our resources to fulfill our promise to each other. 

A while ago, we were both unsure if we should still go out because of the bad weather, busy scheds, etc. good thing we both pushed through our plans.

Last part, we both had fun. 

~Cheetah girls? ~

Tatiana gave me Cheetah pants and Farah's sleeves were lined with cheetah prints of course from her clothing business, Budget Barbie PH, that's why.


TANK TOP: Freeway
SHOES: Charles and Keith
BAG: Forever 21

A true friend will always be loyal and honest to her friend.

She will not judge her friend being the person who knows her better than others do.

She will be there to stand by her friend's side through thick and thin.

That doesn't mean though that she will tolerate whatever bad things her friend does.

Rather, she will guide her and show her a better way.

HUKAD, Abreeza Mall

Heavy Meals Everytime? Grabe besh! makatambok ...

Seal it with a good hearty laugh then shop til you drop?!



When others think it's corny, we both think it's funny.


When others see tops and pants, we both see... 

lines, colors, patterns, style and all that's artistic to our senses.

We shoot anytime, every time, anywhere and everywhere :)

We pull each other up....
we help each other...

Thanks for being a friend besh.


Cherry Maning


  1. love yah besh tnx for being a great friend to me.. and for the time.. I know ur always busy.. mwah...labyou

    1. labia (majora/minora) too.. joke. :) love yah too :) go lang nang go besh ... thanks also for everything. I dont need a man to make me happy na. haha.. oa! :) friends and family kumpleto na.. char!

    2. hehehe.. :) iba tlga yang mga joke mo besh.. original kaau.. thats why I love you... hahaha. lalo na ang nagaya ko sau na sound.. hahaha.. oo hintayin natin c dream guy dumating yung super bagay na bagay sau.. and sasabi ko two thumbs up! jhehjehe

  2. "I dont need a man to make me happy na." Pwede mag comment???? Estoryahee....hehehe....I read it in your eyes lalo na pag seryoso yung mga pic mo, iba pa rin.....yung andyan lagi pag kailangan mo....:-)

  3. nagutom ako sa hukad pics hahaha

  4. @joey digamon, pagseryoso ba sa pics, kelangan n ng MAN to be HAPPY? hahahahaha di ba pwedeng SERIOUS lang peg niya?

    and to qoute: in every man's success is a woman behind. but every woman's success is a woman behind! hahahahaaha

    who rule the world??? girls!

  5. @ NIna Canton Hello......sorry if I say something wrong which means different on you....dapat sana in every woman's success is a man behind din...para bigayan..give and take ang sistema..dba mas maganda kung ganun...

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