Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Body Fit

Me and my sexy back lol
Thank you so much Tatiana! I really really really love my skirt!

It's the best.

A tight fitting skirt like this will always bring out the curves in you.

I know women with big butts sometimes find it awkward but it's actually an asset.

Bigger butts or wider hips will only emphasize your
small waistline making you look more sexy.
I'd also like to thank Hedelyn Hong of Heds Accessories for making me look more elegant.
The necklace is really superb.

Top: Mango
Skirt: Tatiana
Accessories: Heds Accessories
Eyewear: Rudy Project.

Hope you all like my outfit today!

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Cherry Maning


  1. Gorgeous! Nice smile on the last pic :)

  2. you look like gene maning! u related?

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  4. Nakaka inlove ka naman madam...:-) by the way... your gorgeous!

  5. Some of your pic its my cp screensaver....sorry...:-) dami ko n collection... have a nice day cherry...


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