Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blazers Barbiefied

My stylist's fashion treat

Here we go again...

Sharing beauty secrets and fashion tips

Today, I'm Barbified with Floral Blazers and Black Trendy High-Waist Shorts, and Prada Inspired Shades

Closer Look at my blazer's floral prints

ONE thing that I like most, the PADDING.
It sets the style more fierce and corporate


There you have it guys! my fashion statement.

Love it or hate it... It's all up to you.

I'd like also to share Farah's Outfit

I so love it!
Anyway, I'm sharing Preview's May Issue with
Kris Aquino as cover girl wearing floral blazers. 

Inspired much?
Get that fashion...
Be barbified!

Visit BBPh.

This is my second Printed Blazer Post...
Might wanna visit the Peacock Blazer


Cherry Maning

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