Sunday, October 28, 2012

Animalistic: My Celebrity Dogs

An afternoon with Uncle D, the Bone Collector and our pet dogs: Chanel and Peewee Boy (Labrador)...

An afternoon of fun and laughter...

This isn't Chanel's TV appearance so she isn't camera shy.

Peewee also did great even if it's his first time...

Peewee is actually, my sister Kristine's dog. 

Chanel was super manic a while ago that we have to lock her in the cage.

We were so afraid the horses will be distracted because she's so

"kiti-kiti" lol

We're both exhausted.

What is it all about?
The interview was all about taking care of dogs.

Bathing and Grooming
Immunizations: anti rabies, deworming, etc.
Other special needs...
So... If you wanna know everything about it, just watch Una ka Bai, Una sa Balita of GMA 6:30 am weekdays and wait for Uncle D's segment.

Hey! This doesn't look nice. I'm not camera ready unlike my dog.

By the way, thank you Tatiana for my fashionable and easy to wear.....

Shorts!!! It's flexible and soft.
I love the prints. Maroon is so hot.



Cherry Maning

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