Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The First Media Scarevenger Hunt SM Davao

Alright! Now we've come to the main event, the competition proper. It wasn't an ordinary costume party but rather an amazing race with EXTRA CHALLENGE-ing tasks.
I love games...
I love competitions...
It's all about having F-U-N :))
But running inside the mall wearing a creepy costume and stiletto?
Meet Esther- The Orphan
Our media friends
Beautiful Witch
Margie Montejo-Dacanay
Executive Producer - Una Ka Bai
Kapamilya - Ian
Here's the checklist of where we should go.
In each store we visit, a task awaits us.
We were grouped in threes.
Automatic! Derf, Dotty and I
STRATEGIZE - the first thing we did.

Stores, Level of Difficulty, Tasks
Photo by: Rudolph Alama

  • Dermapath DermClinic (Moderate) - Matching Type of Horror/Suspense Movie and Famous Lines
  • Global Pinoy Center (Easy) - Currency Conversion. Peso to six currencies
  • Chicco Di Caffe (Hard) - Sodoku - it's like FOREVER ... We spent so much time on this task
  • SM Food Court (Easy) - Pricelist
    • Rai-Rai Ken - uh oh... Traffic!
    • 360 Milk Tea - uh oh.. Traffic!
  • Brat Pack (Easy) - Word Search - we search for cut-outs inside the bags.
  • Travel Club (Easy)- Folding shirts and packin it in a small bag.
  • Bibingkinitan (Moderate) - Eating Bibingka without using the hands. We were laughing most of the time.
  • Rai-Rai Ken again (Extreme) - Eating Wasabe. It was too spicy. I wanted to vomit. In order not to taste it, I swallowed the food without chewing. I'm not a fan of Japanese food huhu. Thank you Dotty.
  • 360 Milk Tea (Moderate) - Marketing (Dotty and I) and Preparation of Tea (Derf)
  • North Face (Easy) -25 meter dash - but we're already tired. :(
  • Delsey (Easy) - Unzipping the bag using  a ballpen
  • Piyesta KTV - (Easy) -Karaoke - we needed to sing one full song. We sang Happy Birthday.
  • Bon Chon (Hard) - 12 pieces of spicy chicken wings by one person- Dotty saved us.
Go Dotty!
Before and After
No difference at all... Lol

Outcome: Well-developed Holistic Being
Physical Strength (running), Mental Alertness (being smart and intelligent),
Emotional Stability (are we gonna give up? No! Be strong!), Social Wellbeing (teamwork)
And Spirituality (Lord Help us)
It was also about camaraderie -building bridges and reaching other people in the field.
Creating deeper friendship among media practitioners.
- Fun Fun Fun-
It was a team-building activity for the three of us.
We learned to trust each other, to support one another, to cheer for the other who's struggling.
We helped one another.It's all worth it.
--- Awarding----
Congratulations UKB Team - Champion!
What a perfect way to end OCTOBER!Happy Halloween!!

Special thanks to the organizers and to SM CIty Davao.
See you again next time!
Til our next gathering :)

cherry maning

The Preparation of the Unprepared

Im on my resting state now (supposed to be sleeping) but I really couldn't stop myself from checking the pictures taken earlier today.

I'm all awake so I decided to blog.

I still can't get over the EXTRA CHALLENGE we had a while ago.

Well, me and my friends in the local media -in radio, print and television, had the most thrilling, nerve-racking, breathtaking, brain draining, "stomach upsetting" (lol) halloween adventure at SM Annex.

I can't wait to share everything to you guys.

Actually, I came unprepared today.
The Invitation for a Media get together in celebration of the Holloween came late. I wasn't able to prepare for what I thought was a plain costume party and besides, I've never joined any before. I have no idea what to wear.

This was my outfit in Una Ka Bai. I've only received this dress yesterday from my sponsor, SIMPLE and CHIC. When I saw this, I immediately told myself that among all the dresses I've received this one's my favorite and I will wear this first.

See? So cute, isn't it? sorry for the blur

To accessorize, I opened my jewelry box Full of HEDS ACCESSORIES and chose this... a necklace of black gems and white crystals.

I decided not to go to the media gathering but then again my UKB Buddies convinced me to just go with them.

Main Anchor Derf Maiz during Flashbulletin Taping

I can't figure out what to wear! Then I remembered one suspense movie, THE ORPHAN. And so, wearing an old english style dress, I decided to be ESTHER.
I ripped some black canvass in the storage and made a choker out of it.

Resourceful I am. I know...

So here we are! The vampire, the Zombie and the Orphan.

Call us crazy. We won't deny it ( Coz DENIAL is said to be the first sign of Schizophrenia lol ) but we ate at Jollibee wearing all these stuff with our creepy make-up on. Hahaha

Happy Halloween!

Up next... The main event!


Cherry Maning

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinkish Night

~ ~ ~ GOOD VIBES ~ ~ ~

I'm so inspired to blog tonight seeing my rank increased from 500+ when I first registered in last sunday to #104 today.

Isn't it great?

I'm so HAPPY! c",)

By the way, I went out with the happy princess, Farah Z tonight.

Celebrating all Life's bounty!

Dinner time at GRAB A CRAB.
But we didn't order any crab.

Like a boss?

Bag and shoes from my favorite brand! CHARLES AND KEITH.




Dr. Raiza Locsin and Family




 Fun... Fun.. Fun...


Do visit my blog everyday! :)

Surprises await... mwah!!!