Sunday, September 9, 2012

What Love Can Do

I'd like to share to everyone one of the messages Budget Barbie PH received that really moved me. Farah Barbara Cancio-Zamora forwarded this message a week ago. The girl who wrote the letter, whose name is NINA, is the sweetest. 

02 September 2012

hi, nina here. im recently in cavite for a month now due to work commitments but Im a certified Dabawenya. My fiance/long time partner is a DIE-HARD-AVID fan of CHERRY Maning. He reports for work at 8am but he's always...always...always late for work because he waits for Cherry Maning's portion in UNA KA BAI...even traffic updates! *jealous-soon-to-be-wife mode* Last father's day, we went to Mamma Marias PIzzeria in Lanang branch, and to our surprise, Cherry Maning and her family was also there to celebrate fathers day! I saw the look in his face..that kilig moment when you're at the same four corners of a room with ur SUPERB CRUSH...but unfortunately we didnt have a digital camera with us plus he was TOO shy to ask. 

so i beg of you...and to cherry maning too... I know this will make him very very happy! please grant my request....

-cherry maning
avid fan *wink*

thank you! and God bless!

So... KAYO PALA YON! I remember I saw a couple there hmm ... That was a very funny evening because from SM Ecoland, I told my siblings "hey! let's grab some pizza at MAMA MARIA's and Papa said no may mas malaking pizza sa may Hotel ELENA :) Since it was Father's Day we let him decide then it turned out na MAMA MARIA's din pala doon haha.. We traveled too far. 


To Nina, you are amazing. It's so sweet of you to request a fansign for your partner.  No wonder your boyfriend wants to marry you. And I am so happy for the two of you. You are a self-assured and confident woman and I admire you Nina. Unlike other WOMEN who get easily JEALOUS (and dwell on that) if their boyfriend admires another girl, you are definitely mature enough. You are so sweet and thoughtful and I'm sure WILSON LEONES would like to keep you forever. He is lucky to have you.  Best Regards :) LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

So here's your request :)


Other Fansigns





Cherry Maning


  1. Siguro akin na yang fansign na ginagawa mo Miss Che... Dennis aka Ironman

    1. hihi :) hopefully Farah INCLUDED you on the list

  2. hi, nina here! I was in davao last weekend., just in time for the posting of the pic,his reaction when he saw the picture was priceless! Gawin niya sanang cover photo kahit for a week lang to be the envy of his friends (who also has a crush on you) pero baka daw ma-offend ako..hahahahaha I said hell to the NO!!!! :D Cherry Maning na gud!

    Thank you Cherry Maning... you're officially invited on our BIG DAY soon...hope you could come :) Keep inspiring others., you are indeed a beauty inside & out! God bless you & your Family. and thank you also to BBPh and ms. farah for paving the way...i'll visit your boutique in my next visit to davao!

    1. Wow! Thanks for inviting me :) Best Wishes!

  3. you are all nice and wonderful cherry :)


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