Thursday, September 20, 2012

Welcome Message

"It's amazing how time flies! In just a snap, everything's HISTORY.

Be sure to CHERRYsh every moment :)" -Cherry Maning

My THIRD day at Una Ka Bai as News Anchor

Derf's WELCOME message to me:

"Che, words of inspiration. Char. I did not formally congratulate you for being the new anchor of UKB. Congratulations! You went through a lot to get to this position. Like you, I'm also in the learning process. Everyday is a lesson, a challenge, an opportunity. A lesson- because we need to understand what we deliver on air. A challenge- because we need to get the message across effectively. An opportunity- to help and serve.
Remember, an anchor is ABSOLUTELY NOT a news reader. An anchor is the one that provides STABILITY or CONFIDENCE in an uncertain situation. To effectively perform such task, you must be sensitive every time you Go on air. The moment you open your mouth and deliver the news, you have to think of the viewers and think of the men and women behind the camera, the staff. We cannot demand perfection but we will strive to have a perfect solution to an imperfect situation.
Welcome to the club!
Congrats, Cherry Maning, News Anchor!"

-Derf Maiz

Although I know that everything I have right now will soon be gone, as these won't last long, I will still do my best being the chosen one.

Greater POWER= Greater Responsibility and higher Expectations


God bless us all!

Cherry Maning

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