Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Polky Best

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Are You AFRAID of being FASHIONABLE? Many of us would rather choose the generic type of clothing, meaning, jeans and shirt and flat shoes/sandals. Definitely there is nothing wrong with that! I would love to wear that sometimes. We should always consider the place and the time you're gonna use them. Again, it should be appropriate. Everything is all about proper TIMING. 

Well, I was just like you back before... AFRAID and TOO WORRIED about a lot of things. BUT isn't it exciting that once in a while you'll wear the rather "unusual"? hmmm.. why don't you try it today? It'll be a pleasant surprise to people around you if you add some style in your outfits. 

As for me, I always DARE to become DIFFERENT. I love variations. When I shop, I look for styles and colors that are 'weird' and then I use my imagination thinking 'bout what to add, what to combine it with, etc. Then, I go for comfort. If I don't feel comfortable wearing it, I won't buy it. 

I consider myself as a SMART SHOPPER. No matter how much money you make, be PRACTICAL. Always consider these: style, quality and value for money. You wouldn't wanna wear the same designer shirt for so many times until it's washed out and torn right? NOT unless, it's your all-time FAVORITE :) As much as possible, I wouldn't want to be seen by people wearing the same outfit every time. SCHEDULING is also important.

Well, I'm blessed to have Style Navigator as one of my sponsors. Style Navi has a different approach to fashion. Today, I wore this Polka-dot Peplum Dress and received a lot of positive comments from viewers and my coworkers. It's sexy, but classy and elegant. How bout that? Truly FIERCE and FABULOUS. 

done with my morning show
  I look sexy and in shape! Thank Style Navigator!
It's not about the brand. It's how you carry yourself.



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