Tuesday, September 18, 2012

News Anchor

New Set/ New Anchor and Hosts/ New Format
"Bag-ong buntag... bag-ong hagit sa kinabuhi..."
My line goes like this as we throw lines for our opening spiels last Monday, 17th of September 2012 on UKB's Relaunching.
Although I've been on television for almost three years, I still feel a little bit nervous. This is it!
With the Testigo Anchors and Reporters

Derf Maiz being the pioneer of UKB is keeping it cool. I know he is so much excited for all these changes in the news format.
In addition, we have two gorgeous personalities joining our UKB newscast
UNCLE D - Darrell Blatchley (Bone Collector)
Uncle D and Wife

Dotty - Dorothy Ibanez ( Diwa ng Dabaw 2012)
Everyday is a learning opportunity. There's always room for improvement.


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