Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ms. Simplicity

For the past few days, I've been trying to achieve that edgy yet fashionable look.
Because I always want to be unique and atypical, I mixed and matched clothes and accessorized.
But today, I took a break.
I chose to wear...
Simple, Chic and comfortable outfit.

I want to look plain and simple so I chose this

light blue blouse paired with black pants.

also, i limited my accessories

to a pair of pearly white earrings.

There is a thin line between simplicity and being boring

so to achieve a fabulous look, I told my hairstylist

to create big adorable curls

Hola! Just the right combination. :)

By the way, I received a lot of positive comments today.

It was Derf Maiz who suggested that I'd wear pants today.

That's what partners should do...

Complement each other.

Look how stiff I am on this picture! :))

Top: Terranova

Pants: Simple and Chic

Shoes: Charles and Keith

Take a break. Dress down.


Cherry Maning



  1. nice kaau, simple yet sexy :))

  2. thanks for taking time leaving a message

  3. in style simple or any style you are the most beautiful.


  4. I think you look great with few curly hairs, while the most are straight. You are tall enough and wearing high heels depicts you closer to man than woman, joke hehe. I mean seriously, most filipinos are not tall and your height is that of a man! I mean don't be so tall =)


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