Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Minty Fresh

Today I'm wearing Mint Green Fishtail Dress with floral prints. I wish I was able to take a picture of the back view of this wonderful dress but I was't. Anyhow, this lightweight chiffon dress is very comfortable to wear. The cloth and the cut combination exudes elegance and the color itself is so refreshing to the eyes.
Happily Waiting
Hey! Are you still coming?
Oops! Let's Keep it COOL
Have a seat!
For me, it is very essential to maintain a younger and fresher look when you deliver good news especially early in the morning. Morning TV Hosts' appearance should be pleasant to the eyes of the viewers and not only that, they should be carriers of good vibes so that people leave their homes for school/ work with optimism. It is a challenge for morning show hosts like me to transfer positive energy to the viewers. 

That's why in UKB, we maintain a balance of heavy news and light news. Personally, I invest on clothes that would make my skin glow or highlight my assets for more positive vibes. Careful choice of clothes is my topmost priority. In fact, if you have a good combination of make up and clothes, you will feel good about yourself and it will make you feel more confident.

But more than the physical attributes, I have a secret weapon. My powerful weapon is my S-M-I-L-E... Would you agree?
I always smile when I talk not unless it's a serious stuff. Like death of someone or accident maybe, uh oh.. smiling and laughing or giggling about it is a mortal sin! Besides it's not funny at all! I will only look stupid :) Very inappropriate! tsk..

Not all people can smile and talk at the same time. Try it! Lucky me, it's innate. hehe whenever I deliver a news I read it with so much enthusiasm and happiness even if I'm off cam. And if it's a sad news, you have to feel sad also. You have to project well and appropriately of course! You have to put your heart in the story so you can deliver it effectively. 

In addition, never ever forget to take a bath in the morning! Nothing is more refreshing and nerve energizing when you take a cold shower at four o'clock in the morning!  lol...

KAPEHAN SA BUNTAG: Interview with Ms. Dulce

Cool Voice of the Sweetest Asia's Diva - Dulce!
REMEMBER: If you have troubles, smile or YOU COULD even laugh about it and you'll SEE ... YOU'LL carry on.
Have a NICE day! Show-off your KILLER SMILE!

Thanks Budget Barbie PH :)


  1. khit ano pa soutin mo bagay pa din, yan ang tunay na maganda... hahaiixx masaya na nman ako dhil nkkikita kita idol... thanks for sharing your thoughts... may natutunan na nman po ako sau smile killer smile ...!! heheh

  2. hehe oo naman autmatic pampagwapo yan

  3. dito lng ako pra sau


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