Saturday, September 8, 2012

Make-up Essentials

We have come to the most controversial topic, MAKE-UPS. There are those who say that the simpler, the better. Of course, SIMPLICITY is BEAUTY and I couldn't agree more. It's nice to see women with natural glow, they are so blessed.  But a lot of things contribute as to why many of us women loose that natural glow inside. Stress is a major factor and also ageing. So it is essential that we take vitamins and other supplements and eat the right kind of foods including fruits and vegetables. It is also a must that we exercise not only to look good but also to feel good being healthy. But then again sometimes, even if we have that natural glow in us there are certain jobs that require us to be well set and in full make-up. To mention, Flight Attendants are required to do so. We are even taught on how to put on makeup. It's part of our training :) and that means... Yep! I was once a Flight Attendant of Cebu Pacific. I was  punished for reporting on duty with "unkempt hair" because my baby hairs are so visible that time. The company is that strict. 
Me on the left side!
Mangaon ta Bai Segment Shoot
ON CAM Talents such as News Reporters and Anchors, Hosts, Actors and Actresses etc. are also required to put on makeup. Our floor director would always remind us not to be overconfident and believe much in natural beauty because lights and all other factors will eat up our features leaving us dull or pale on television. 
Beauty Queens are also expected to know how to put on make-up. For the same reason, to enhance our features even if all lights and camera are flashed to us. If our makeup artists are nowhere to be found and it's almost our time to do the cat walk on stage, we must know how to do it ourselves. It is a MUST to look GOOD.

Now I think you have an idea why Makeup is close to my heart.

First, it was required then I realized it is necessary. And I must admit that putting on makeup saved me from looking really tired and stressed on screen. I, being the deliverer of GOOD NEWS everyday should look energetic and happy all the time even if deep inside I am sick and I am really worn-out.

I have also learned through experience how put on my own make-up. Even if we have makeup artists, I still volunteer to do my own makeup not because I don't want them to touch my face or anything but because I want to maintain a certain look. Since makeup artists change shifts every now and then, chances are you will look different each time.  I only allow them to set my hair.

I got used to putting on make up but there are certain times that I feel so lazy doing it and there are also situations that you need not to put it on. The trick is, know the right place and right time, the right amount and right colors to be used. Alright?

Here's the exciting part! I'm going to share to you my choice of powders, foundations, blushes, brushes etc. Since I always receive messages on facebook and twitter about my make-up of choice, here it is! 

Well first of all, you should have your own mirror. I have huge mirrors actually! Here are my goodies. 
gold and black Goody Mirrors
Choose only soft brushes! My face gets easily irritated with brushes that are too harsh on skin. It is necessary to have one for yourself for personal use. Unless you want to share germs. :)  Ecotools and Marionaud. 

You should have your own choice of moisturizer as well before you put on your foundation. 

Liquid Foundation

Ever Loyal Ever Bilena Girl

Handy and Cute

I have to go through a lot of skin testing. I've been "make-up shopping" for many years only to realize that these are the only brands I should entrust my face. Other expensive brands have harsh chemicals that irritates my face and leads to skin breakouts. Besides, I use make-up everyday and being practical, I don't wanna spend a lot of money for make-ups. It should be gentle on my skin and on my pocket.  lol :)) I wasn't able to include on the pictures, Fashion 21 Cake Foundation. 

AND for me there's nothing more important than having nice thick eyebrows. You can forget about everything but never the eyebrow pens/ pencils. I use NYX, EVER BILENA, NICHIDO, and ETUDE.

let's go to Eye Shadow Palettes: 88 Scents (thanks to FARAH ZAMORA), Fashion 21 (24 palettes), and 4u2 for the shimmers (8 palettes).

Eyelashes: ETUDE forever
Eyeliner: REVLON

Lip Balm: Burt's Bees


Ever Bilena Matte, 4U2 Semi Matte, Revlon Gloss, Face Shop Semi gloss, and MAC Ruby Woo Matte

Blushes: Faceshop, Etude, NYX

 There's nothing wrong if you put on make-up but...
Reminder: Use it MODERATELY 

"The standard of beauty is not definite, we define it" - Shamcey Supsup


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