Monday, September 24, 2012


Few more days before the most exciting mall opening in town.
I guess everyone's excited about SM Lanang Premier. But to be particular,
most girls can't wait any longer for the Forever21 store to open.
Am I right? :)
And as to "why", only girls know.
Goodnews: I got an invite! and I'm bringing with me my stylist, Farah Zamora.
But it keeps us thinking... What are we going to wear?
My thinking session this afternoon caught on cam.
So I'm putting this into writing.
This isn't only about the F21 cocktail night....
This is all about how Fashionistas conceptualize
about a certain look for a particular occasion!
I am not a professional fashion blogger,
I didn't have any formal study about fashion and the arts
and all I do is observe... observe ... and observe those
who have hit thousands of hypes in lookbook and millions of views
on their websites.

You know, almost everything can be learned
through surfing the net :) hehe

And it all starts with finding an "inspiration".
Fashionistas devote so much time in thinking
which means that whatever they put together
(we may like it or find it weird),
is well thought of, meaning part of their creative minds,
specifically, of the Right side of their brain.

Colors, patterns, textures, combinations, cuts, etc.
are put into consideration. And you think it's easy?

Every fashionista is an artist -unique and creative.

They are very keen on details,
very particular in comfort and style

They are bold and fearless.

They are loud and proud.

They are not merely attention-seekers.

Fashion is an outward expression of artistry.

And for me,
Fashion is an intellectual pursuit for smart people.


This thursday night, I will finally meet more fashionistas and bloggers in Davao.
#exciting :)
Today, I went to visit my stylist at her store but she's not around. :(
Nevertheless, she left me a skirt and a dress to wear
anytime I want to... So sweet :)

Outfit Post:
White Polo: Bayo
Spaghetti Strap: Freeway
Leggings: BBPh
Shoes: Jannilyn

At BBPh Store



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