Monday, September 10, 2012

D' Bone Collector

I was really thrilled upon knowing last night that we will have a live coverage at D’ Bone Collector’s Bone Museum today. Actually, it is the first and the only Bone Museum in Mindanao which started last 2010. What makes me really excited is the fact that I am visiting a Bone Museum for the very first timeThe owner and Bone Collector himself, Darrell Blatchley is popular among Dabawenyos not only because he has been active in rescue missions of endangered animals, but also, he himself does the necropsy of deceased animals. In fact, he was already featured in shows not only in local television but also national (Born to be Wild and Jessica Soho). Also, he is admired by many Dabawenyos because he speaks our vernacular effortlessly and almost perfectly. It is due to the fact that he grew up here in the Philippines and stayed here for almost 17 years now. He is happily married to Mary Gay Blatchley, a dabawenya. They were blessed with two handsome children. 

Angkol D
Angkol D (Uncle D) as what he prefers to be called started collecting bones of animals at the age of seven. AND for many years now, he partnered with BFAR and other organizations for his desire to help protect the environment.

After 'necropsy' parts such as the meat, tissues or skin of the animal are sent to schools for in depth studies. However, nobody would want to take responsibility for the bones.

Four years ago they found this giant sperm whale somewhere here in Mindanao. The bones itself weigh almost 40 tons. Thanks to Angkol D and his team  we are now able to witness the skeleton of this magnificent creature and appreciate it more. It was preserved and put together for the exhibit.

Actually, each of the skeletons in the museum has a good story.  Just like for example a dolphin named “Lost” was found dead. Upon necropsy it was discovered that Lost has milk in her mammary glands which means that she recently had a baby. But she “lost” her baby and her life.
"Mercy", a female Dwarf Sperm whale, on the other hand has a different story. She was seen by some fishermen who  were so afraid of her that they killed her. However, according to Angkol D, whales of her specie are harmless and if the fishermen were "merciful" enough and spared her life, she could have lived and her baby could have been born. Yes! Mercy was pregnant  the time she was killed.

Mercy and her baby's bones were preserved
Angkol D has been very passionate with regards to animal welfare and bone preservation. He said that if he is to choose, he  would rather help animals live longer than preserve their remains or bones in addition to his collection. He would be more than happy to help the animal be cured of its illness, send it back to its natural habitat and allow them to multiply. His main objective in preserving the bones of these animals is to showcase how  beautiful these creatures are and stir consciousness and awareness among us so with a sense of urgency, we will help save these animals from extinct by taking care of the environment. His Bone Museum is located at Bucana. For those who wish to visit, rates are as follows: Child- 40 php and Adult 50 php. 





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  5. D’ Bone Collector Museum is located at Family Circus Compound, Barangay 76-A, in Bucana Boulevard Davao City (There is a Sign out by the Road) The Museum is open from Mondays through Fridays, 10 AM to 5 PM, and on Saturdays from 1 PM to 5 PM only. The Museum welcomes group tours and school excursions. Entrance fee is Php 40 for children and students, and Php 50 for adults. Thank you

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