Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Corset and Peplum skirt

Hello there! Just in time for a blog. This will really be a quick post Ladies and Gentlemen. Sorry my DSLR messed up. So here's my UKB Outfit for today. Thank You Budget Barbie PH


Corset Top
and my Peplum Skirt



I feel so Sexy :) (char lang)
I love the Corsetof BBPH coz it's not suffocating. I have tried other corsets and I had problems in the bust area. It's so small. This one is a lot comfortable. With the Peplum Skirt, it gives an elegant touch to my fashion. I love wearing it because it puts emphasis on the hips leaving an impression of a wider hips and smaller waist.

Also available at Budget Barbie PH, BLUE Peplum Skirt :)

taken sometime in August 2012
THANK YOU Budget Barbie PH


Shoes: Charles and Keith (my all time favorite)

Have a great day!


Cherry Maning


  1. I love it besh. more info about the clothes and styling! ur improving na tlga! hehe

  2. New follower here! <3


  3. hello po. saan po ang store ng budget barbie ph? may online store po? :) thanks


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