Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BLOGSY and my new Gadget

Wow! This is the coolest ever! I didn't expect that I'd get just what I want. Well, I had problems with blogging lately. I didn't have enough time to post something even if I'm dying to do so. It takes so much of my time uploading pictures on my PC then creating a blog.

So here's the answer!!! Blogsy! Haha.. I know right! I'm kinda retro. I'm new to this application so pardon my ignorance. BLOGSY is an iPad application that allows me to create a post on my blog using my iPad, drag pictures on my camera roll, etc. I'm happy because this only means that having my IPad plus Lumix, I'm all set for blogging.

By the way, my new connector which I bought at 'Lots for Less' (thanks to Dotty Ibanez) makes it possible. I can store pictures that I took using my camera directly into my iPad.

Life made simple. 💋

🆒 I love it! I'm so techy!! 👌

So I'm back to blogging after many days.



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