Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Better Day

Hardwork and Determination
Second day
I'm very grateful for this opportunity that GMA has given me. I know I am yet to learn so much when it comes to hard news but with your trust and confidence, I promise to do better each and everyday.
New friend, new discoveries, new learning

Today @ UNA KA BAI

Better set

Better lighting
Additional Plasma TVs

Una Ka Bai, weekdays, 6:30 am
GMA Davao

I know some of my followers are a bit worried about this transition since I will have reservations when it comes to choosing my outfits. That's true.
But worry no more as I take fashion and style to a higher level.
I speak about Elegance and Sophistication.
Isn't that exciting?

Top: Simple and Chic
Accessories: Budget Barbie PH


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