Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beauty Shots

GMA Testigo, Weekdays, 5:30pm

It's Testigo time! and I'm having so much fun :) Though you guys see me more serious in the afternoon, work is still as enjoyable as it is in my morning stint, Una Ka Bai. I co-anchored Testigo with the mainstay Alerto Anchor, Super Jun Digamon, who is also a very popular local radio personality. He is brilliant yet really humble and I salute him for that.

By the way... earlier today, I sent my camera to a Nikon service center for "cleaning" (which by the way cost me 3,500 php), I had to borrow Farah Barbara Cancio-Zamora's SONY Cyber-shot DSC H70 Digicam. Here are some pics i took.


offcam with the "couple" Mariz Posadas and Allan Ramirez  

 And I also took some IPAD photos:


with my make-up artist, Rene!

And of course, DSLR SHOT by Mariz Posadas!

I couldn't be more grateful for this picture. Thanks so much

with Mariz Posdas and Super Jun Digs

profile shot!


NEWSFLASH: My baby is back! yahoo... My Nikon D3100 is already cleaned lol. More pics and updates so SUBSCRIBE! :)

Clothes: Budget Barbie PH


Cherry Maning



  1. maam naa kai video sa youtube..?? Good Luck sa Career mo... wish ko lang magkaroon na ako ng fs... More power.!

  2. You're doing great sa news!

  3. thanks guys.. weekends na siguro ang fs :)


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