Monday, August 27, 2012


YAHOOOOO! oops. Overjoyed. Finally, I have a space here at Blogger.
Welcome to my CHERRYfic (terrific) life ...

Let me share to you what, rather, who inspired me to make my own. I woke up feeling better from a throbbing headache last night. I chose to be absent today so I could rest... While under the sheets, I pulled my Ipad and checked for notifiations. Then I visited my stylist's page, clicked the link to her blogs and it took me away. Credits to the happy princess, none other than... Farah Barbara Cancio-Zamora whose colorful and happy blogs truly amazed me that I decided to create my own blog today. And now, here it is.. my first ever blog.

Thanks to this beautiful gal. Who's been my stylist turned "besh" for months now. She's really a good friend. Love ya besh! xoxo She influenced my style and my life in many good ways. You can also visit her blog at and get to know her better.

So let's get started! :) Inspired much... lol.


  1. Welcome to blogger ate Cherry! :) Followed you. Hoping to see more updates! ♥


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