Friday, August 31, 2012


Testigo is GMA Davao's local afternoon newscast anchored by Mr. Temujin (Tek) Ocampo and Atty. Antoinette Principe.

Tek started with Testigo in 1999 and later became a national reporter for GMA News when he left the show in 2002 then later came back to Davao to anchor the program once more. In 2010, exactly the same year I joined GMA, Atty. Antoinette Principe joined Tek as his co-host.

However, last Wednesday, August 28, 2012, Atty. Petite (as what we call her) couldn't make it in the afternoon for some health reasons. 9 am that day I received a call from the Program Manager if I could substitute or  co-anchor the newscast in lieu of her. 

Febrile, with cough and colds, I didn't say "no".

my first Testigo appearance
 It took a lot of courage and confidence to accept the challenge. What came to my "wild" imagination as an "impossible" dream before is finally coming true for a day. (Isn't that amazing?) The "risk-taker" Cherry inside is very happy for the opportunity given to me and I couldn't be more grateful for the trust and confidence of the management that I could now handle a more "serious" role in newscast. 

The experience was really "nerve-racking" as I shift from the image of a cute-bubbly-fashionista segment host of the morning show to serious / hard newscast in the afternoon.  

sa ngalan ni Antoinette Principe
 But because I didn't say no, there's another "check" in my wishlist -meaning completed. 
 SOMETIMES, all we need is courage to accept greater challenges. YOU CAN if YOU WILL.

extro with the boss

Get well soon Ms. Petite your viewers are waiting for your comeback. in the meantime, I'll try my best to fill-in your post. "Dili gyud diay basta-basta"...

Today, will be my third day. Good luck to me.


  1. Opportunity wastes no time for those who are unprepared.

    Congratulations on your first co-anchor newscast. All the best and good luck!

    from Mumho Riders Team

    paki greet naman kami ;) thanks miss cherry

  2. Wow :) That opportunity comes once in a lifetime :) good that you grabbed it :)


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