Thursday, August 30, 2012

Goofy Thursday

Battling with my flu, Istill woke up and went to work today. Everyone's Congratulating me for a job well-done yesterday at GMA Testigo (which I will blog tomorrow or maybe tonight). 

Everyone's ecstatic and feeling happy. Thank God. Another perfect Una Ka Bai day.

Anchors: Sheila Vergara and Derf Maiz

Since my skin is cracking and peeling, I decided to wear a comfortable long dress. Thank you so much to my friend Samantha de Leon, Diwa ng Dabaw 2010, owner/proprietress of STYLE NAVIGATOR. Another very generous "sponsor" of my outfits.


so for today, I'M A GODDESS! 

without the script

holding it 
DRESS: Style Navigator
NECKLACE: Style Navigator
Hairstyle: Wendel of Joveth Pichon

Thank for making me GORGEOUS! 

Crazy pics on this GOOFY (PEELING) DAY:

My cameraman Jake Gordo

the humble artist: Wendel of Joveth Pichon

paniti ko ninyo

sorry for the peeled skin

wendel capturing perfect angle:fail



Cherry Maning


  1. Hi Ms. Pretty and Kind-Hearted Cherry.. Unique keu imung mga outfits sa UKB as I see every morning.. Good luck to ur career and wish u all the best things in your family.. Stay humble always.. God bless

  2. thanks allen! this one here is from Style Navigator :)

  3. Your welcome! Ms. Cherry, ask lng ko ba, if naa mo mga live streams sa inyung program or past vids na pde mkita sama naku na OFW?? arun mka update pud ko sa mga balita sa atong dakbayan..


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