Friday, August 31, 2012


Testigo is GMA Davao's local afternoon newscast anchored by Mr. Temujin (Tek) Ocampo and Atty. Antoinette Principe.

Tek started with Testigo in 1999 and later became a national reporter for GMA News when he left the show in 2002 then later came back to Davao to anchor the program once more. In 2010, exactly the same year I joined GMA, Atty. Antoinette Principe joined Tek as his co-host.

However, last Wednesday, August 28, 2012, Atty. Petite (as what we call her) couldn't make it in the afternoon for some health reasons. 9 am that day I received a call from the Program Manager if I could substitute or  co-anchor the newscast in lieu of her. 

Febrile, with cough and colds, I didn't say "no".

my first Testigo appearance
 It took a lot of courage and confidence to accept the challenge. What came to my "wild" imagination as an "impossible" dream before is finally coming true for a day. (Isn't that amazing?) The "risk-taker" Cherry inside is very happy for the opportunity given to me and I couldn't be more grateful for the trust and confidence of the management that I could now handle a more "serious" role in newscast. 

The experience was really "nerve-racking" as I shift from the image of a cute-bubbly-fashionista segment host of the morning show to serious / hard newscast in the afternoon.  

sa ngalan ni Antoinette Principe
 But because I didn't say no, there's another "check" in my wishlist -meaning completed. 
 SOMETIMES, all we need is courage to accept greater challenges. YOU CAN if YOU WILL.

extro with the boss

Get well soon Ms. Petite your viewers are waiting for your comeback. in the meantime, I'll try my best to fill-in your post. "Dili gyud diay basta-basta"...

Today, will be my third day. Good luck to me.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Goofy Thursday

Battling with my flu, Istill woke up and went to work today. Everyone's Congratulating me for a job well-done yesterday at GMA Testigo (which I will blog tomorrow or maybe tonight). 

Everyone's ecstatic and feeling happy. Thank God. Another perfect Una Ka Bai day.

Anchors: Sheila Vergara and Derf Maiz

Since my skin is cracking and peeling, I decided to wear a comfortable long dress. Thank you so much to my friend Samantha de Leon, Diwa ng Dabaw 2010, owner/proprietress of STYLE NAVIGATOR. Another very generous "sponsor" of my outfits.


so for today, I'M A GODDESS! 

without the script

holding it 
DRESS: Style Navigator
NECKLACE: Style Navigator
Hairstyle: Wendel of Joveth Pichon

Thank for making me GORGEOUS! 

Crazy pics on this GOOFY (PEELING) DAY:

My cameraman Jake Gordo

the humble artist: Wendel of Joveth Pichon

paniti ko ninyo

sorry for the peeled skin

wendel capturing perfect angle:fail



Cherry Maning


August 28, 2012 - Gloomy Wednesday for Dabawenyos but still, a bright and sunny episode for UKB. 

The Executive Producer of Una Ka Bai, along with other staff, decided to stress the importance of Buwan ng Wika today. Davao City Special School- Sped Bangkal is the chosen venue of the live coverage since the school will have a series of culminating activities that day such as the "Lakan at Lakambini" Search.

DCSS Rondalla

TOO bad, I am not feeling well. Even up to now, I have fever and colds. But STILL, being ill won't stop me. 

notice my tissue?
 Thanks to my make-up artist, Wendel, for being thoughtful and kind. He bought me a bottle of mineral water and medicine.

I actually prepared a big roll

The staff also were so patient and considerate :) Lucky me I have you guys.

These Kids are among the candidates of the search for Lakan at Lakambini 2012. I actually told them not to come near me because I have this communicable illness. I'm afraid they'll catch flu later on.  

 But i cant stop them :)

OVERALL, the show was a success. While me? I ended up in bed :) ~ Sick ~ yet fulfilled.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More likes for Budget Barbie

Because these guys here sent Budget Barbie PH a message & LIKED the page, their wish is my command! 

cherry maning
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cherry maning


Barbie Girl

cherry maning

NEWS ANCHOR / SEGMENT HOST could be a tough job but so far, I'm enjoying it. I wake-up really early everyday for GMA Davao's morning show, Una ka Bai Una sa Balita.

cherry maning
While waiting for our show to air

It is a challenge to look good everyday. So I put extra effort in choosing clothes and accessories that would best fit my character.

Thank God there's Budget Barbie ph!

Here's my UKB Outfit for today

cherry maning
cherry maning

cherry maning

 AND in order to keep my skin white and healthy, here are the people behind ROGINE's Beauty Care!

happy people taking care of my skin


Cherry Maning

Monday, August 27, 2012


Hi guys! On my facebook I posted this picture with the caption/description :
FANSIGN Requests: While I'm at Rogine's for my session, someone approached me and requested for a "fansign" with this name. (Char kaayo!) Lol. honestly, It's so flattering. Thank you so much friends and subscribers for all the support and love. To be fair with everyone who also requested, I'm now trying to figure out how to grant your requests as a way of showing my gratitude for all the appreciation.                   
piece of paper handed to me while on my derma session

Because I'm true to my words, I immediately went to NCCC Mall and tried to look for Magic Slate but I saw this tiny piece of white board so I decided to pick it up, bought marker and refill for "fan" signing 
I chose the cheapest / most affordable

pardon my handwriting 

there you have it Mr. CARL ALVIN

my sweetest smile lol

from: Cherry Maning
I'll keep you posted for more updates re: fansigns. In the meantime, goodnight and love ya all. 

Leticia once again.

After our PopTalk (GMA News TV) shoot where I guested on their episode featuring Davao beaches, I was captivated by the beauty of Leticia by the sea. The sand, the beach, the location, amenities... everything's perfect. This first-class resort then became my personal favorite.So when I was invited again by the owner of Leticia by the Sea to model for their resort, I didn't say no.

Here are some of my photos at the resort:

Receiving area
Sun-kissed skin me picking flowers outside the Open Cabana
View outside the villa

If you are planning for a vacation, seminar, training etc. for 20 or more people, check out this place at Talicud, Island Garden of Samal.

Excerpts from our shoot at Leticia by the Sea last September 2011:

Reviewers with Kuya Toniepet

having fun

I was even featured by my co-reviewer Ms.Aileen Siroy on her blog at: