Monday, December 31, 2012

Polka Dots on New Year's Eve

In the Philippines, one of our traditions during New Year's eve other than preparing 13 round fruits on the table is to wear polka dots.This tradition is handed over from generation to generation.

That's why earlier today at Una Ka Bai, Dotty and I chose to wear our polka dots from Simple & Chic.

It is believed that round fruits and polkadots bring wealth and prosperity for the incoming year. I'm very hopeful for a joyous and fruitful 2013.

Well, now you have an idea of what to wear tonight. Thank You Simple and Chic.

Remember, it is by city ordinance here at Davao that bans the use firecrackers so blow your horns and make some noise.

stay beautiful and be safe.
Cherry Maning

Friday, December 28, 2012

Concert Queen

The singing duo is back!

Last night, Dotty and I went out with our GMA friends. And again, we had a great concert! It was a DIVA night and our audience ( Vlad and Donna ) were so happy to hear us, live! (weehhh)

Our talent was discovered months ago when we sang an Aegis song, Halik.

Due to insistent public demand, we sang again during one of our fellowship nights at GMA.
I really don't know if all the applause was for our unique talent or was it for our showmanship and xfactor on stage? Maybe I should just upload a sample for you to know. Lol.

But anyway, everyone's happy and that's the only thing that's important. Singing our hearts out in a funny and joyful way with all our feelings truly is a perfect way to entertain our hardworking and serious workmates.

Til our next laugh trip!
cherry maning

Thursday, December 27, 2012

They're Engaged

These pictures were taken last December 07,2012 at Army Navy SM Lanang. Kinda old huh? Sorry for the very late post.

This great couple right here is the sweetest. I've known them since college years. If you could also see in my archives you'll see them doing a segment shoot. I personally picked them for the taste test. I know them. And I knew it! They loved the role. (lol)

I consider Nesty Varie as my boy best friend. Back in college we used to compete academically but in a healthy and funny way. He's always a good 'alaskador'. Yep! He's such a bully. But I would rather confide to him and pour my thoughts and emotions about my personal problems because he has big ears to listen and a a hand to help. He's a good person and you can always see the sincerity of his friendship.

Luckily, he have met such a wonderful pair, Rochelle. I see Rochelle as a royalty. Her beauty is exceptional, like that of the English princesses. Also, she's the kind of woman who's smart and is always in control of the situation. I find her amazing. And like Nesty, she has a very good heart to everyone including Nesty's friends. She's fun to be with and easy to get along.

They've been together for six years and I'm so happy that they are now engaged. My heart is filled with so much joy because love worked for them. Love didn't work for me. It didn't endure the pain and the differences throughout the years. But it worked for my best friend and I am so much happy for them. Beyond time, their love grew even bigger and stronger for each other. I can credit it to their loyalty and honesty towards each other.

And now, when people say that long engagements doesn't work, I'll be proud to say that Nesty and Rochelle's story is different. It's very inspiring. One thing Nesty taught me is that, "Life is all about making a choice". If we all choose to do good, best things will come to us. We should all be responsible for the choices we make Because with it comes consequences.

Congratulations to the both of you.
Because of you, I learned to believe once again in love and that...
True love can last a lifetime...
Beyond Words... differences... And time.

cherry Maning

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

UKB Christmas

Love, Faith, Hope. But the greatest of these is LOVE -excerpt from the bible.

Christmas Eve
This may just be my last Christmas celebration with Una Ka Bai team. 

Exchanged gifts on air.

My gift to Derf and Dotty's gift to me.

Christmas Day 

I did a simple gesture of showing love to my brothers and sisters on Christmas day. After all the graces and blessing I received, I ought to give back to those who are in need. What makes this day special is that I did this with my Kapuso in Una Ka Bai, Testigo and Super Radyo.

We visited the Osmena Park, Rizal Park, and Magsaysay Park.

We also visited the prisoners at Sta. Ana Police Station and San Pedro Polce Station. We also gave food to children at QRTCC.

One big pot of Arrozcaldo costs P 1850.00 and can feed 150 people.

WANTED: Palugaw Queen. So haggard. Carry on!
This picture was taken at San Pedro Police Station. 

It feels great to help. Maybe you guys should try it sometimes. Show some love!

cherry maning

My True Lab

Is it a mistake to fall in love with these lovely boys? They're all gorgeous and I can't seem to choose who among them is the real Pablito.

23 December 2012, Sunday, these guys came to our house for a short visit. They spent their Christmas at Nova Tierra with their mom Berlin so they dropped by.

Four chubby boys of Peewee our most beloved Labrador.

Sleepy baby
Tongue out
Isn't he lovely?

I really didn't quite understand the special link and bond between dogs and their owners until my sister who's such a dog lover left her bestfriend Peewee Boy (Labrador) with us. I took responsibility of taking care of him especially during the time he was sick. And now seeing him with his four lovely boys, I can't help but get so attached to them.

My sister was right, when you have a pet and you love him so much he will show the same loyalty to you and will love you as well. I was probably one of the very first visitors who came to Berlin's crib to check on these newborn pups. When they saw me at home, I placed them on the table and they all went to look at my direction as if thirsty for comfort. They were crawling to my direction and upon reaching my arms, they all positioned themselves in fetal position. They're so cute.

One by one, I carried them to Peewee's cage. Peewee got so thrilled to see small pups, he went wild jumping and jumping and barking. the baby pup got afraid and hid under my arm.

I love them so much.


Cherry Maning.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Something New this Christmas

Coolest Christmas ever! I got these shoes from my date last night! I'm not a sneakers/ shoes person but these really made me the happiest girlfriend in town. It's so soft inside and very gentle to my feet. I can walk for miles wearing these.
By the way, MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yep! It's CHRISTMAS TIME!!! The celebration wouldn't be complete without a picture taken beside a Christmas tree with the gifts...
last night, me and my girl Farah went out for a dinner date at Lotus Court. It's our way of celebrating our first and maybe "last" Christmas together.

Lotus Court is located at Marco Polo Hotel. They serve Chinese cuisine which are truly tasty, palatable, and sinfully delicious.

Red Bandage Dress : Budget Barbie PH

Right after our dinner, we went to the Deck and ordered some drinks. We then exchanged presents. Her's is a glass of Shirley Temple and mine? Obviously, it's coke zero.
My gift to Farah, an army green bag from Charles and Keith.
This is her gift to me. Shoes from Forever 21.
I so love them.
You're such a sweet friend Far! You really know what's want and what I need. That you so much.
Me so happy last night!
Merry Christmas!
I'm excited to wear my shoes on my next blog!
Ooooohh so cold!



Sunday, December 23, 2012

Birthday Bash

It's Maricel Posadas' 30th birthday last 12.21.12! It's one of the four parties I've visited that day and I'm so glad that I was ale to catch up though their house is really far far far away from downtown area.
Here's a big hug for the birthday girl.
Wearing a yellow-green printed silk jacket I bought at Chimes Specialty Store. I love this jacket! It is not bulky and it is very light. Thus, it's handy, comfortable and fasioanble. It costs around 1,300 php. There are other prints and I really wish to have them all.
Now let's go back to birthdays. I wonder how it is like if I reach my 30th birthday. Will I be like Ate Mariz who's very active and vibrant? Well I think if I reach my early 30s and still remain single, i will feel pressured. It doesn't mean though that it is depressing. There are still a lot of single, hot and happy girls in 30's. I just think that the ideal age of settling down is 26. But then again,that's just my own opinion.
The transition from 20s to 30s may be hard to some. But what's iportant is that we celebrate another year of life. That in itself is a blessing. as we age, we should should remember to keep our hearts, mind and soul forever young. Don't lose the youthfulness of your spirit. AGE is just a number.

cherry maning